The reason for reading

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

— George Bernard Shaw

Life is a winding path with twists and turns that challenge our balance. At times, you’ll stumble over rocky terrain. Other times, you’ll pause to admire a sweeping vista that opens before you.

Inertia is for sojourners who want to travel through life more deliberately. Who stop often to gain perspective. Who aren’t afraid to leave the well-trodden trail to explore undiscovered country and have a journey of their own. Who embrace the challenge and reward of continuous improvement.

The incredible thing about learning from history and philosophy is you lean on the texts that have stood with great influence for centuries. These references contain answers to almost any ambition we desperately wish to fulfil. And if we can soak up the words that have been preserved for longer than the generations we see today, and let them guide us, it will bring us closer to mastering inertia.

What do I mean by mastering inertia?

We’ve all been there. Everyone has a vision of something to achieve one day. It might be career-related, or it might be focusing on our healthspan. But despite our desire and declarations to accomplish these things, we don’t.

We think about doing them. We read all about them. We make resolutions and tell ourselves, “This is my year”. But crucially, our judgement fails to exceed the work.

Inertia is an “indisposition to motion, exertion, or change”. An awful place to be. So what matters is taking ourselves away from there to focus on:

  • Self-discovery

  • Having balanced ambition

  • Understanding the thinking-feeling-doing cycle

  • Asking hard questions

And importantly, living in a harmonious dance with a life of our own making.

We all struggle with choice overload, the world’s abundances, and subsequent procrastination. So this journal is here to help you as it is me.

Let it be a companion to you. Reflections on the notions that anchor you when the storms arise. The habits that propel you forward or hold you back. The assumptions that shape your thinking. The goals that stir your heart. The relationships that nourish your spirit.

Your destination can remain uncertain as your journey continues. Everyone has the opportunity in each moment to choose their own course and align their actions with their values. To see life not as something happening to us, but something we have a hand in shaping.

Every week, I’ll write stories, ideas and insights to enrich your personal journey. To walk and work together to navigate life’s terrain with more understanding, purpose, and meaning. Even if this only helps you a tiny amount, or you’re only here briefly, I’ll be happy to have been a part.

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